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20 miles + love

October 30, 2011

Friends, meet the new love of my life.


Crunchy cinnamony rice goodness. 


I’m not going to lie – I’ve gone through a box roughly every 2 days.  They lie about the serving sizes (or perhaps they did not intend for one to eat it out of mixing bowls).

In other (related) news, my longest run in marathon training thus far was the 20 miler I did yesterday.  Since the hellacious 120 million degree heat of this summer has finally broken, one doesn’t need to hit the road at 4:30AM to escape the heat any longer.  So I slept in and drove down to White Rock Lake at 8:15 and found a prime parking spot (score!). 

Miles 1-9 were rather uneventful.  It was 45* when I started out and out of fear of being too cold, I overdressed a little (long sleeve technical shirt and full tights), so when I looped back by my car at mile 9 (the trail is exactly 9 miles), I swapped out my long sleeve shirt for a short sleeve one I happened to have only because I hadn’t taken my gym bag out of the car the night before (thank my lucky stars I decided to be lazy when I got home on Friday!).  I had apparently really been hot because the next few miles seemed quite a bit easier with less clothing. 

Rather than heading in the same direction around the lake, I decided to run counter clockwise and retrace my steps for the next loop, as well as to turn around at mile 14, run back a mile, then turn around again and continue counter clockwise so that I would end up back at my car at 20 miles.  I am super conscious of trying to avoid my car (or house, for that matter) when running or cycling, as it is all too tempting to cut the run/ride short because I happen to pass my home base.  Sometimes it is inevitable, like yesterday’s run since the trail is only 9 miles, but hitting it as early as possible when you’re still feeling peppy is the key.  I don’t know that I would have been able to continue running when I passed it at 18.

The only amusing or slightly interesting thing about the run, other than the fact that I continue to be happy I’m a chick and have a built in pocket to carry GUs and shot bloks, is that right around mile 20 as I was cruising towards my car, some older guy on a mountain bike passed me going the opposite direction, slowed down, and flipped me off.  WTF?  I guess my sheer happiness at being almost done pissed him off.  That or I was blocking his way during any of the other 19 miles.  (Sidenote – as a runner AND a cyclist, I think running trails are no place for bikes of any kind.  They aren’t safe for the people riding them, as plenty of folks walk their dogs or push baby strollers which means the cyclists are constantly having to maneuver around them or stop suddenly, and they certainly aren’t safe for walkers/runners as a runner was killed when a cyclist struck her on this trail last summer.  So bikes – get off the trails and onto either specific “bike paths” or the roads!)  Whatever he was trying to convey other than the obvious was lost in my joy at arriving at my glorious car, with my glorious recovery drink, glorious A/C, and glorious GPS that would get me home quickly to an ice bath, shower, and much deserved nap on the couch.  Which it did.

The front tire on Torch is flat, so instead of an easy spin this morning to flush out my legs, I opted to sleep in, because I definitely don’t do enough of that.  I did need some active recovery today, though so I met my girlfriend Sharon and a bunch of other crazy triathletes at the lake for a swim this afternoon.  The combo of cold water and the massage-like properties of swimming into a current made my legs feel quite a bit better by the time we hit an easy half hour.  That’s why I love swimming – it is always dual purpose.

But my favorite type of recovery?


GF Carbs.

Hope you all had a good weekend!

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  1. October 30, 2011 5:11 PM

    Mmmm i want that cereal! I have very little control around cereal. Great job on the run! Cant believe that dude flipped you off

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