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Travel Tips

1.  Pack shelf-stable foods.  My safe foods have changed as my other food intolerances have changed, but I currently pack fruit such as apples or bananas, Larabars, dried fruit, nuts, mini-packs of nut butter (such as Barney Butter), packs of water-packed tuna, dry cereal such as Rice Chex, and pre-portioned servings of hot cereal (GF oatmeal/oat bran or brown rice cereal).

2.  Never count on chain restaurants in the area.  It’s not always safe to assume that menus are the same across state lines. 

3.  Request a room with a mini-fridge and microwave, always.

4.  Seek out health food stores or grocery stores in the area.   Walmart usually carries already-peeled hard-boiled eggs.  You can also find string cheese, mini-cartons of milk/soymilk, and pre-cut fruit and veggies to stash in your mini-fridge.

5.  When in doubt, seek out a Starbucks (I swear, I’m not endorsed by them) or other coffee shop:  they always have milk or soymilk and almost always have whole bananas (Starbucks carries them for their Vivanno smoothies), and they now carry the KIND bars.  Sure, a latte and a banana or KIND bar isn’t exactly a meal, but it’s a hell of a safer option than risking it at a restaurant you don’t feel comfortable at.  Gas stations are also a good bet for fresh fruit, oddly enough.

6.  Decide what matters.  Generally, I feel that the most important thing is to feel good while I’m gone.  Nothing is worse than spending $$$ to fly across the country and feeling like I just want to lie in bed in the hotel room the entire time I’m there.  On the other hand, sometimes taking risks is worth it and results in some really good experiences. 

And last…

7.  Keep it simple.  A “meal” doesn’t have to be comprised of food prepared by the same restaurant or even something off their menu.  I rely on pieces of food I know are safe – a fruit cup from a fast food restaurant, an energy bar, a nonfat latte for protein, and nuts for satiety.

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